Despite all of the new technology around us and new ways of consuming music which have been developing over the past number of years, it still helps to have someone who is passionate about music to point you in the right direction and suggest new bands and artists to listen to. In the last decade the obsession with new music has accelerated no end and the speed at which you can find new music on the internet has made it so difficult for the really good bands to make it through.


Some of them will make it onto blogs like Pitchfork, thefourohfive, drowned in sound and the like and might make it back repeatedly if they do very well. But the best way for me to find the music I love, and I think for bands to connect with audiences is still through radio. They may be local, national, DAB or internet only stations but a really good presenter playing music out to an audience and keeping the show entertaining and informative is still one of the best products the music industry has to offer. A thirty second glimpse of a new video or stream on bandcamp or YouTube is never going to compare to a DJ who I have come to rely on the opinion and taste of, delivering a really good radio show.

Here are some of my favourite presenters and shows at the moment. Some have been around for a while, some are fairly new to me but hopefully all will still be bringing music to listeners old and new for years to come.


Mary Anne Hobbs                 –      XFM Monday – Thursday 8pm – 11pm & Saturday 8pm – 10pm 

Shell Zenner                           – Friday 1pm – 3pm                  

Niamh Hegarty                      –      RTÉ 2XM NewNoise Monday  4pm or Saturday 10pm                                                          

John Kelly                               –      RTÉ 2XM Radio Clash Wednesday 10pm (repeat sat 7pm)                                                                                          

                                                       Lyric FM Weekdays 2pm – 4pm                             

Dan Hegarty                          –      The Alternative RTÉ 2XM Monday to Thursday 11am – 1pm                              

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