Record Store Day 2012 Record Store Day 2012 is happening tomorrow 21st april and there are plenty of things going on in Ireland for it. This will be the 5th Record Store Day since it was first set up in 2007 to celebrate independent record store in the U.S. and around the world. It aims to bring record stores together to highlight the culture around your local record store and to go with that to celebrate music in physical format, be it Vinyl, CD, Casette and live music to go with that.

One of the main things to get people out and into their record stores on the day are new and limited releases which will only be available in stores. It seems like this year there are more bands and artists than ever releasing something for the day. A huge list of most of these is available at Some are re-releases on unique formats, reissues, and brand new releases.

Some of the releases I would be looking out for are by Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Florence & The Machine, Laura Marling, M. Ward, Mastadon/Feist, Mastadon/Flaming Lips, Miles Davis, Refused, Ryan Adams, Sigur Ros, Taking Back Sunday, The Black Keys and Patti Smith.

The highlight of these for me would be the Feist / Mastadon split A-Side. On this Mastodon covers Feist’s “Commotion” and Feist covers Mastodon’s “Black Tongue”. I think this is the kind of thing that record store day was made for, something completely unique that will only be available in limited numbers.

Here’s a list of some of the instore and live events going on for Record Store Day in Dublin and beyond.

Friday 20th April

Tower Records – Wicklow St. Dublin

  • Hidden Highways @ 2pm
  • Tieranniesaur @ 3pm
  • Riptide Movement @ 4pm
  • Pale @ 5pm
  • Urges @ 6pm

E2 Music – Navan


  • Shannon

Saturday 21st April

E2 Music – College Green, Dublin

Actually not sure what they have going on but you should visit these to see whats going on. Another indie record store to support.

 Tower Records – Wicklow St. Dublin

  • The Milk @ 12.30pm
  • Simone Felice @ 1pm
  • HAL @ 2pm
  • Sweet Jane @ 3pm
  • Dark Room Notes @ 4pm
  • Elvens @ 5pm
  • Ham Sandwich @6pm

Elastic Witch – @Twisted Pepper, 54 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin

12pm – 7pm

  • Optimo DJs
  •  Last Days of 1984
  • Ships
  • Girls Names
  • Simon Bird
  • Adultrock
  • Skinny Wolves DJ

Plugd Records @ Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin St. Cork 

From 8.30pm

  • The Jimmy Cake
  • Melodica Deathship
  • Nanu Nanu

Bell Book & Candle, Galway City

2pm – 6pm

  • Them Martyrs
  • Nanu Nanu
  • Bouts
  • Loner Deluxe
  • Vince Mack Mogrul

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