Muse – The 2nd Law

Yesterday, Muse released this trailer movie for their new album ‘The 2nd Law’ which will be released in September. A huge amount of people were complaining within minutes of it’s release that it all sounds very Dubsetpish and Skrillexy. It probably does but I’m not sure how representative it will be of a complete album. To me it’s just a load of Kaoss pad noodling that Bellamy has been messing about with for years.

My only hope will be that they develop the string arrangements on this album to a step above that of The Resistance. Though from the small bit that appear on the trailer movie, I shouldn’t hold out much hope. Bellamy probably could have trained himself to be a truely accomplished composer about 10 years ago but I’m afraid he’s just not that.

Obviously he’s written some amazing rock music and I love that Muse can give people a flavour of the drama that comes from orchestral arrangements. Bellamy had arranged all of the string parts on The Resistance himself and that’s great but I just wish he would properly go all out to create some full orchestral parts on the new album. But I’m afraid I’ll just be left with snippets of it as the string parts in the video show.

I still can’t wait for the album though.

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