I haven’t blogged in a ridiculously long time. Getting started again with a Monday Mixtape. In my mixtape each week I’ll be posting a few tracks that I’ve been liking recently. They could be from any genre at all but hopefully you’ll find something new that you might not have come across before.

This track Move by Mausi reminds me alot of M83’s track Midnight City that was around last year. Hopefully there’ll be a decent lot of music from the both soon. If you like Move you should watch their stripped down session they did for The 405 here http://youtu.be/x9AT-M3T9RQ

I met Sadhbh O’Sullivan recently at a work thing. You should check out all the music she has put out as Sive but this cover of Mad World / Comptine d’une Autre Été is really special.

I keep reading that Lucy Rose is known for becoming known first for her youtube videos, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one. Wherever you find her music it’s really good stuff. She’s playing all over Europe in the coming months including Dublin.

I can’t even remember where I heard this, but it’s nice, and I guess from the title all made from toy instruments which is interesting.

And finally this is Manchester band Embers. It reminds me of Devil Sold his Soul who I listened to a few years ago but haven’t heard from in ages. But Embers add an extra dimension with nice string sounds in this track which was recorded in a cathedral to capture the massive sound.

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