The Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Your Guitarist Friend

Today is due to be one of the busiest shopping days running up to Christmas so I thought I’d put together a list of 5 simple gifts you could give to a guitarist friend this year.

Obviously they’d just love a shiny new American made Gibson or Fender guitar but lets stick within the realms of reality here. This list is 5 very simple things that they may not even think of getting themselves but they each can improve a guitarists playing in many ways.

5. Lemon Oil.
Taking care of your instrument is something that I see most of my students neglecting. Most guitarists actually don’t really think about it but taking care of your instruments can keep them sounding better for far longer.
Even the cheapest guitar can sound great when properly cared for. Using Lemon Oil on the fretboard , especially a rosewood one, while changing strings keeps the wood from drying out too much, and cleans off the dust, grit and grime,  especially around fret wires.


This will help keep the guitar feeling great to play. No stickiness when sliding or bending notes = happy guitarist.

4. Strings
It sounds pretty obvious but you’d be surprised how many guitarists don’t bother changing them often enough.

At a moderate amount of practicing your strings will last in good condition for about 2 months. But I see lots of people not changing them out for over 6 months, even over a year.


There are so many different types of string too for different types of music or playing style. Its one area where you can make a big improvement in how good the guitar sounds, and make it easier to play too.

3. An Electronic Tuner
Another pretty obvious one, this is especially good for the beginner guitarist. Yes you can develop the ability to tune up by ear, but why wait until then.


Getting your guitar in tune quickly can make your practice much more satisfying, both for the player, and for anyone within earshot.

2. A Capo
Using a capo is a great way to open up a whole lot more songs that can be played on the guitar. A capo is essential for anyone who sings with their guitar, moving a song to a new key quickly to suit your voice.


There are a number of ways to use a capo. It shouldn’t be used to avoid learning those tricky barré chords but for a beginner or developing guitarist they allow you to play their favorite songs a lot easier.

1. Guitar Lessons
There are many ways to learn to play the guitar. You can learn from books, from magazines like Total Guitar, from youtube videos and articles online. But by far the best, and quickest way to learn is still with a guitar teacher.

There’s no better way to fix an issue with your guitar playing than having a teacher looking at your playing up close and fixing those problems within a few lessons. This will save you months of trial and error at home.

Or say you’re doing really well with your chords and are playing plenty of songs through, but you’ve developed to a point where you want to focus on a particular style of music, or songs by your favourite band. A good guitar teacher will help you progress to where you want to get to.

Let me know what you think of this list. Does it give you any ideas that you found helpful? Have a look at the other sections of the website to find out more about me and ny guitar lessons.

I now have Vouchers available, suitable for Christmas and Birthdays or any other occasion. Contact me at for any other information.

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