Pop vs. Classical and changing tastes.

I was going to just post a link to this article on my Facebook page, but then i started typing my thoughts on it and it just got kept going; so here it is as a blog post.                                                                                 This is interesting. It seems like Paul Morley always looks to define his articles in very Continue reading Pop vs. Classical and changing tastes.

I’m now also at Castleknock School of Music

I had written about this in the Guitar & Music Lessons page but not a separate post. I’ve recently joined the team at Castleknock School of Music. I’m teaching Guitar and some theory at their centres in Carpenterstown and in Ongar village in Dublin 15. There’s a really great group of teachers there with classes in all Continue reading I’m now also at Castleknock School of Music

Beginners Guitar Lessons

Tomorrow evening I’ll be continuing the series of beginners guitar classes which started last week. In the class I’ll be covering all the elements and skills needed to play the guitar to a decent level. I’ve created an event for this on my Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/events/446925178712744/ The classes are being held in the newly refurbished studio Continue reading Beginners Guitar Lessons